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May 1, 2015

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Happy weekend, everyone. Now for a moment of sharing.

Whenever I get stressed out, or, paradoxically, when I'm on vacation (which are two totally different events... stressed = boo; vacation = whee!), I fantasize about an organized life. I suppose it's the lack of organization in both events that leads me to think about it more. I always picture myself in the future. I'm not imagining my success or infamy (my unrealistic expectations for my future being a conversation for another day), but rather imagining myself rising at six in the morning & staring out the window over a cup of coffee. My make-up's done, the house is clean, my hair is on point, & I'm ready to face the day. I see myself getting everything done on time, always being prepared, & being calm as a result. It is as though my idea of a perfect life is one in which I have done all my chores. I'm hoping that you can relate in some small fashion & that I don't just sound like a crazy person who stockpiles books with pictures of coffee cups & completed to-do lists on the covers. Perhaps this is some effort on my psyche's part to detach from reality & focus on something else. I can't help but look to the future as I procrastinate fret about the present details, envisioning myself as a calmer person. As someone who has it together. As someone who isn't a complete wreck & sometimes forgets to wash their hair. What I'm really trying to say is that I'm an unorganized mess of a person who is unabashedly optimistic about her future self. I've had this vision in my head all my life. I've always pictured my future self as an organized person, & now I'm wondering when I should throw in the towel. Should I give up on the ideal notion that one day I won't be so phlegmatic? Or are my goals/dreams something that I can aspire to as a means of motivation? Obviously I'll never be my completely idealized self, but maybe having a positive & not totally unrealistic view of what I could be isn't a bad thing. I also know it's not actually what I want my future to look like - how boring would that be to have every day start the same? I do like the idea of having a cup of coffee ready to go at 6 a.m. every day though. Somebody needs to get on that for me while I procrastinate some more.

This week's links:


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