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May 29, 2015

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Everything finally feels like it's slowing down around here. All the annoying little tasks have been checked off & Heather & I are finally able to begin exploring our new city. So far we've really only covered the few blocks within our neighborhood, but it's all pleasantly charming. There are lots of mini-grocery stores, so many cafes, & quite a few tasty places to eat. When we're not wandering around the town in awe of the fact that we live here now, we're figuring out where to put up the artwork on the walls. Why is it so frustrating trying to figure out where everything should go? 

This weekend I'll be practicing & prepping for my first Minneapolis interview. Wish me luck! & have a stellar weekend, you guys.

 This week's links:


Related // Heather & I will have to do a new downtown photo shoot now that we've got a new downtown!


  1. If you're looking for great ((queer)) vintage (and an even better gal) go say hi to my friend Amanda: She used to be a blogger too -- that's how we met actually!

    1. What a tiny world! Putting Tandem Vintage on my exploration to do list...


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