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May 11, 2015

litter box paint job

Okay, so this might be the strangest/most random thing I ever share with you. I'm only sharing this because I like you guys & I want you to know what I've been up to. Things IRL have been crazy-hectic, & because I've packed up all my craft/art supplies, I don't have any means of making a legitimate tutorial. Consider this post a placeholder for all the awesome posts/updates I'll be publishing once we've settled into our new home. That being said, here are a bunch of pictures of the newly painted litter box. Don't worry, I'm only showing the outside of it, & there are absolutely NO action shots. 

Ooo, ahh... 

The story behind painting the litter box is basically this: Because why the heck not.

I've been on a spray-painting spree these past few weeks because I won't be able to do any spray painting at all once we move into an apartment building. Everything that I've been itching to paint has been painted. Even Donut's litter box. Essentially I got tired of trying to hide the ugly thing & decided to embrace it with a coat of this cool minty green. 

This was my first go at painting plastic, so I'll let you know how it holds up over time. I used:

  • A litter box (I went out & bought a new one - painting an old poopy box isn't something I want to do in this lifetime)
  • Valspar Color Radiance spray paint in "La Fonda Mirage"
  • Spray polyurethane (note: I know, I know. That's a can of white paint, not clear coat. I started to paint the top of the box white & the bottom a different color, but then ran out of white. & I also forgot about needing polyurethane. Don't hold it against me. If we can make anything, we can definitely make mistakes.)

I look the litter box apart (the door popped right out) & brought it outside. All it took was a couple coats of paint, then two coats of polyurethane to seal. Done & done. I didn't paint the inside of the box, mostly because I don't know if the paint will chip at all & I don't want to put Donut at any sort of health-risk. 

Also, & side note, this paint that I used is my favorite spray paint ever. This isn't a sponsored post (although it could be! Hey, what up, Valspar!), I just really like this paint. It has almost no drying time & the finish is always super smooth & even. I give this paint two thumbs up.

Donut was wary at first, but I think she'll get used to her new bathroom makeover. 

Okay, it's back to reality for me, & time to pack more boxes.


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