May 11, 2015

litter box paint job

Okay, so this might be the strangest/most random thing I ever share with you. I'm only sharing this because I like you guys & I want you to know what I've been up to. Things IRL have been crazy-hectic, & because I've packed up all my craft/art supplies, I don't have any means of making a legitimate tutorial. Consider this post a placeholder for all the awesome posts/updates I'll be publishing once we've settled into our new home. That being said, here are a bunch of pictures of the newly painted litter box. Don't worry, I'm only showing the outside of it, & there are absolutely NO action shots. 

Ooo, ahh... 

The story behind painting the litter box is basically this: Because why the heck not.

I've been on a spray-painting spree these past few weeks because I won't be able to do any spray painting at all once we move into an apartment building. Everything that I've been itching to paint has been painted. Even Donut's litter box. Essentially I got tired of trying to hide the ugly thing & decided to embrace it with a coat of this cool minty green. 

This was my first go at painting plastic, so I'll let you know how it holds up over time. I used:

  • A litter box (I went out & bought a new one - painting an old poopy box isn't something I want to do in this lifetime)
  • Valspar Color Radiance spray paint in "La Fonda Mirage"
  • Spray polyurethane (note: I know, I know. That's a can of white paint, not clear coat. I started to paint the top of the box white & the bottom a different color, but then ran out of white. & I also forgot about needing polyurethane. Don't hold it against me. If we can make anything, we can definitely make mistakes.)

I look the litter box apart (the door popped right out) & brought it outside. All it took was a couple coats of paint, then two coats of polyurethane to seal. Done & done. I didn't paint the inside of the box, mostly because I don't know if the paint will chip at all & I don't want to put Donut at any sort of health-risk. 

Also, & side note, this paint that I used is my favorite spray paint ever. This isn't a sponsored post (although it could be! Hey, what up, Valspar!), I just really like this paint. It has almost no drying time & the finish is always super smooth & even. I give this paint two thumbs up.

Donut was wary at first, but I think she'll get used to her new bathroom makeover. 

Okay, it's back to reality for me, & time to pack more boxes.


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  1. Hi there,

    Your DIY project looks great! Loving the mint green you chose. Thank you so much for sharing! So glad I found this post because I just spray painted my cat's kitty litter as well (it so needed an uplift), but suddenly felt worried about the paint fumes and toxins in the paint. Can I just ask if your cat was okay with the paint job? Did Donut have any reaction to the paint? I'm assuming no because you mentioned you didn't want to put Donut at any sort of health-risk, and only painted the outside. Which is what I did as well.

    Would love to hear your feedback and if there is anything to be wary about.


    1. Hi! I'm glad you reached out!
      Two things:
      1. Donut didn't have any negative reactions to the paint job. I was extra cautious and did not paint the interior of the box, plus I let it air out for a day or two.
      2. The negative thing that DID happen was that the paint chipped! 😭 It started to chip off almost immediately. I hope your project has more success than mine! 🐱💕

    2. Hey there! Thanks for getting back to me! Toki our cat also didn't have any negative reactions to the paint job, yay. The litter looks way nicer now but yes, the paint isn't staying on as well as I'd like. But all good, people who came over commented on how pimp it looks. :) hope your future project have more success too :)

    3. Hi! Glad it got good reviews - it looks like the person below this comment may have found a good trick using a combo of plastic paint and sanding. Glad Toki took to the new, pimped out box! :)

  2. I am getting ready to do the same thing because I hate the black color of the box my husband picked up, however I have been researching and most sites seem to recommend using a paint specifically for plastics, so that is what I will be trying. I hope it turns out and doesn't chip. Most people do also recommend cleaning the surface very well first, then a light sanding to rough up the surface a bit so paint sticks and remove the dust from sanding with a tack cloth before painting. I also think I'll try to find a clear sealant if they have it for plastics.

    1. That sounds like a good plan. If you end up painting your kitty's litter box, I'd love to see how it turns out!