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May 18, 2015

live & learn | project update

Today is our first day on the road as we relocate to Minnesota. Since I'm not DIY-ing at the moment, I wanted to take this opportunity to show you how previous projects from the blog are holding up. Part of making & crafting means being prepared for mistakes. Things don't always turn out as planned, & sometimes projects are just flat out flops. Honestly, for a lot of the projects I post it's my first time trying a technique or using a material. I love trying new things though, & I wanted to share how some of the first-timers worked out over the long haul. 

Paint-A-Bike // I'm totally pleased with how my bike turned out after I gave it a fresh coat of paint. I'm still in love with it, even after a few racing stripes. The tutorial calls for a few coats of paint followed by polyurethane, & I mention this because I want to stress the importance of that polyurethane-phase. I, admittedly, got a little lazy & didn't cover as fully as I should have. My bike paid for my laziness, & the spots where I wasn't thorough are the ones scuffing & catching dirt. In short, learn from my mistakes. 

Fridge Makeover // Good news on the fridge! It's still as ugly as ever (which is why I covered it up), but the contact paper I covered it with left no damage whatsoever. Truth be told, I was a little scared when I started to pull it all off. Fortunately this DIY is a time-tested winner. 

Painted Vinyl // The saddest of sad-faces. I loved how this vinyl chair turned out after I painted it white, but it has started to crack. Not too bad, but just enough that it's noticeable. If I were to do it again I would stress/apply pressure to the vinyl as I painted to fill in all the gaps. Eh, you live, you learn.

Tutorials will be back in full swing after we arrive in our new home. I'm so excited/nervous on this new adventure of ours. Eek! 


Related // I cranked out a bunch of projects in our old craft room, excited to set up a new space!

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