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May 26, 2015

out & about | we're here!

Well gang, we made it. We're here. It was rough, but we survived. Even after all that prepping & planning, nothing prepares you for the actual move. I'm so glad it's all over. Nothing quite like moving across eight states with a dog & a cat in the cab of a moving truck, pulling a car in tow. I'm totally blocking that whole experience from my memory. Whew!

We're still in the moving-in stage, trying to find the best set-up for our belongings & furniture. The new place is adorable! I'm so excited to share pictures with you, but it's not quite presentable yet. These shots are mostly from our kitchen since that's the only room of the house that's remotely picture-ready. 

Here's my bit of advice after this whole moving-endeavor: you're not a wussy if you want to hire movers. It's totally okay, & it's totally worth it. Especially if you've just driven 1400 miles & your apartment is up a few flights of stairs & you only have a two-hour parking window. It's okay to not DIY everything in life. Sometimes you have to do-it-yourself plus two other strangers that you've hired to touch all your things. When they move that mattress up a winding staircase you'll be thankful you asked for help. Plus our movers gave us these fresh flowers for our new digs!

While moving with a cat & a dog is not fun by any stretch of the imagination, I'm so glad they came along with us. This place just wouldn't feel like home without them. After a few days of recouping, naps, & treats, they're both back to their normal selves & settling in nicely. Donut is loving the view of the city. 

Tutorials are coming soon! I've got a bunch of projects planned for our new home & some projects that I've been waiting to show off until we got them set up in the new place. I'm so ready to be done with all the little nuisances & get back to crafting.


Related // Remember when I said to "trust your gut" when moving? That totally rang true especially when it came to merging a 16' moving truck + tow dolly onto a speedy highway. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.


  1. Can't wait to see more of your fab new home!

    1. The main thing left is to put art on the walls - so hard to decide where everything goes!

  2. Yayyy so happy you're there safely!

    1. I can't believe we arrived in one piece! It was insane.


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