June 5, 2015

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Succulents & greenery in greenhouse
Life is Grand (With a Koozie in my Hand) - Koozie by Sucreshop
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Sharing moment! I'm so delighted with our decision to move to Minneapolis. Honestly, I was worried. I'd never visited, I didn't know a soul here, & all I knew about the city came via the internet. So far it's been amazing, & I couldn't be happier. Maybe it was risky to just get up & leave, but I wouldn't change that decision. This has been a good week, & there are grand times to come.

Speaking of upcoming events, LGBTA Pride is coming up & this year I'm more excited about it than ever. It'll be an opportunity to see what organizations are out there & to meet members of our new community. We're living in one of the more progressive areas of Minneapolis, so lucky us, a whole bunch of the events are happening in our neighborhood! I've got a Pride-themed tutorial in the works too which I'm excited about sporting day of. 

Related // My newly altered pants did not disappoint during my interview this week. Hooray for DIY style!


  1. Thank you for including a link to the super gay DIYs, m.e.!! Happy Pride! :)

    1. I like how you didn't title it "Gay DIYs," but instead, "SUPER Gay DIYs!" =)