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June 29, 2015

out & about // pride weekend

Rainbow flag at Pride, '15

This weekend marked the Twin Cities' 43rd Pride festival, & boy was it a doozy. I mean, I don't have any frame of reference being that it was my first time going, but being there I could really feel the energy in the air. Everyone seemed so excited to be out & celebrating - not only LGBT pride but also this momentous occasion in American history. It was awesome. Here are a couple of snapshots from our exciting weekend.

Target Pride Display - Minneapolis, MN
Chillin' in the park
Hanging out in Loring Park, MPLS
Yellow, yellow
Lemonade & laughs - summertime fun
Tossing the ball at Pride

We got to test out our DIY gear this weekend too - my Pride Tee got a bunch of people singing West Side Story, & Heather's last minute bow tie was a hit. 

Fireworks at Loring Park
Fireworks on the water (Minneapolis, MN)
Getting sunburned at Pride
Target #takepride float
Roller girls at Pride, 2015
Prideful pups
Rainbow balloons at Pride Parade in Minneapolis

Now that it's all over I'm a little sunburned, totally pooped, & very happy.

Happy Pride, everybody.


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