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June 8, 2015

summer projects

Six Summertime DIYS

Summer is definitely here & it's time to get outside & soak up that vitamin D! I'm taking advantage of the warmer breezes by riding my bike more, taking the dog on extra long walks, & keeping the windows open all day long. If you've got a little down-time now that school's out & the days are longer, here are a couple summertime projects to keep you busy (listed below from left to right):

Style your ride with a fancy bike pouch
Blueberries are in season - make a tasty cheesecake
Super simple coaster idea for your ice cold lemonade
Keep summer with you all year by learning to press flowers
Stay sporty with a bright leather cuff
Make a quick t-shirt bag for a trip to the beach

Don't forget to wear your sunscreen! That's no joke, you guys. I've already managed to get sunburned twice this summer. The damage to my skin is bad enough, but what's worse is this very unattractive farmer's tan I'm left with.


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