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July 7, 2015

before the blog

Before the blog - flash back to my art student days

I have to share this with you guys - do you ever stumble upon an old social media account or blog that you used to be a part of but totally forgot about? I love it when that happens (side note: I'm still trying to break into my old MySpace account). Before creating content for We Can Make Anything, I made my first tutorials on Tumblr. They weren't very pretty, but it's fun to look back & see how much the tutorial style has changed. The above photo is from a tutorial on how to make miniature furniture using a mold (wow that's super specific). I also did a tutorial on egg-blowing & preservation & electrical tape wiring for dollhouses (below). 

Art origins of the blog

I rediscovered my former Tumblr while sorting through old e-mails yesterday. This is such a crazy time period to live in where we can flash back to the past digitally. These tutorials are too specific to be very useful, but I'm thinking I may revisit the mold-making one & create something more versatile. Ah, memories.


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