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July 8, 2015

fabric appliqué patching

Patch it, don't trash it! - Fabric appliqué tutorial
DIY fabric appliqué

Here's the situation: I have this denim-ish shirt that I love & wear allthefreakingtime. It's comfy & provides just the right amount of warmth when it's chilly out. Here's how much I've worn it: it used to have a pattern on it. I have literally worn the pattern out of the fabric. Oh, & most of the blue dye. It used to be about five shades darker back in its prime. The shirt has also suffered some rips & tears. The holes are too big to sew shut or patch from the inside without it being noticeable. Rather than say "goodbye" to my favorite threads, I used one really big appliqué to hide all the rips at once. In essence, I sewed more fabric on my shirt & I'm really happy about it.

How to fix a ripped shirt with a fabric patch

I'm so glad I get to keep wearing this shirt. Oh, & I fixed it by hand, too! Partly because it was easier that way, but mostly because I wanted to sit in bed & watch House Hunters while I sewed.

How to fix a torn shirt with this fabric appliqué tutorial

Here's what I used:
  • A piece of cotton fabric
  • White thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Here's what I did: 

First I repaired the holes by sewing them shut with a whip stitch. It was a rough repair since the rips were so large, but the repair will keep them from getting any bigger. Next I cut a rectangle of fabric larger than the back of my shirt that I was covering. Folding the raw edges down, I pinned the fabric in place, following the original hemline of the shirt. With a straight stitch I sewed all along the edges of the fabric. Ta da!

Jazz up an old shirt with a fabric patch

Even if you have a button-down that doesn't need repair, a fabric appliqué can add a fun bit of flair.


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