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July 3, 2015

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Midwest Cheese Curds Stand
Gay Pride Parade in Minneapolis, MN

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I have a bunch of projects planned for our apartment. I've been pinning like a fiend & I'm dying to go shopping for a new couch (we finally live close to an Ikea, can I get an "amen"). Even though all I want to do is drain my bank account on materials & furniture, I've decided not to rush into any major design choices. While I pride myself in having an artistic eye, I'm new to the realm of home decor. With the last place Heather & I rented, we immediately started decorating the second we moved in, which as it turned out was a terrible idea. We picked the wrong colors & style, & then were stuck with it. This time around I'm trying to let my design choices marinate before moving forward. That being said, there is an apartment tour coming up in the near future, I'm just not sure how near. I'm so anxious to start decorating, but I'm trying to be a big girl & just wait a bit first.

Have a rad Independence Day weekend, everyone!

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