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July 17, 2015

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A sunset view of Minneapolis, MN
Kayaking down the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN

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Settling into our new home has be difficult at times, but mainly it's been pretty exciting. There is so much I haven't seen yet! This week we spent time exploring the outdoors rather than the inner city. Heather & I took a whole day & went kayaking down the Mississippi River & then hiked along the falls. I had two thoughts as we paddled upstream: One, Minneapolis is so lush & green & gorgeous! Two, I am totally, completely, embarrassingly out of shape. My arms still feel like jell-o.

This week's links:


P.s. If you haven't voted about what you like to see here on the blog, please do! I'm going to keep the poll open for a while so you still have time to cast your vote!

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