July 31, 2015

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Spyhouse cold brew coffee - Minneapolis, MN

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Oh my, I accidentally took a week off! Actually, I've been sick, which as I'm sure you know is disgusting in the summertime. Oh it's 90° outside? Why not raise your internal temperature & give you a sore throat? Better now? 

Thanks to you all for casting your vote in our poll the other week. Your input really is helpful! Unsurprisingly you all want more tutorials (what, from a DIY blog? That's crazy!), so keep an eye out for more how-tos coming soon. Furniture & Home Decor tutorials were strongly requested too, which is super convenient as we're currently decorating our tiny apartment. I hope to do a home-tour soon, but right now the main home-related priority lies in the hunt for a couch. Really quickly I want to postulate how ridiculous our couch requirements are, & why two months after our move we still haven't found one. Here's what we're after (any suggestions are obviously appreciated):

  1. Must be gray (figured it's be a good balance between masking white cat hair & black dog hair)
  2. Must be cheap but have sturdy fabric (oh how I'd love to drop a grand on some seating just to get the hunt over with, but once kitty claws rip into the cushioning I know I'd hate myself)
  3. Must fit through the door (wow are our doorways narrow)
  4. Must be cotton-free (have I mentioned the dog has a cotton allergy?)

So basically our couch-hunt is 75% dependent on the needs of the furry roommates - & they don't even pay rent. Ugh. 

Happy Friday, gang!

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P.S. Heather started her fancy new job this week, which meant putting past tutorials to work & altering a bunch of button-downs. She's so business-professional now.


  1. Yayyy thank you for linking to my post!! And oh my gosh how great is Amy Schumer.

    1. Yeah! After you posted I immediately went to Find Furnish & I Like You. My two new favorite places.