August 12, 2015

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Out & About

Doing | I'm in my second week of my brand spankin' new job & things are feeling a little more familiar. Being the new kid sucks - especially in a new field of work - but fortunately everyone has been super nice to me as I've bumbled along.

Additionally, I haven't been cranking out new tutorials, but I have been busy using making things from past tutorials. I'm doing a second grid-drawing map (as seen above) for my mom. The "YAY" pot now has a matching "WHOO!" (they're enthusiastic plants), & all the windows have been equipped with DIY blackout curtains.

Watching | Instead of talking about what I've been watching (which btw has been a month-long stint of NCIS on Netflix), let me tell you about what I can't stop playing: Crossy Road. It's literally just a reboot of Frogger, but I can't put it down & I find myself playing it whenever I have a spare moment. 10 out of 10, would recommend if you don't plan on doing anything productive for the rest of your life.

Listening | My morning walk to work is around 30 minutes, so Pandora has been my savior. My current jam is the alt-J station.

Feeling | I'm all out of whack! For the past decade I've been working nothing but erratically scheduled retail shifts. Now I'm working a 9-5, plus I'm sitting all day! Who knew having a set schedule & a desk would alter my world so much. I'm super happy with my job, but it's definitely been an adjustment. You know what's the bomb though? Having a real weekend!

Loving | My fancy new mint green shoes.


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  1. Mary! Congratulations on the new job--fill me in sometime!!! (real weekends are such a good thing :-)
    xoxo, karen