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September 14, 2015

crochet boot cuffs

DIY Crocheted Boot Cuffs
How to make boot cuffs

Are you in the mood to make something cute & cozy? Do you have a spare 30 minutes? Are you like me & you're pumped to unleash your fall wardrobe? Then you're totally in the right place.

Having lived in the only-cold-for-like-ten-days state of Florida for the past decade, I am more than ready to get my chilly-weather fashion on in my new northern home. It's not technically autumn yet, but the temps they are a'droppin! Since nothing says "cozy" quite like ribbed knits, I added these boot cuffs as a toasty accessory to my regular rain boots. They're easy to crochet & totally quick to make

The "Knit Crochet" stitch - looks like ribbed knitting, but it's actually crocheting!

For these cuffs I'm using what I call a "Knit Crochet" stitch. I can't recall the actual name of the stitch, but it's one of my favorites. I love the look of it because it combines the ease of crocheting with the ribbed look of knitting. The stitch is a double crochet, but instead of being stitched into the top loop is stitched into the vertical loop of the lower stitch, as seen above. 

DIY boot cuff tutorial

| Pattern for Boot Cuff |

(using a K hook & two skeins of bulky 64 yard, 4 oz. yarn)
  • Chain 25, Slip Stitch into first chain to make ring (the length of the chain depends on the diameter of your calf - for reference, I have an average-sized calf)
  • Row 1-6: Chain 2, Double Crochet 25, Slip Stitch to join
  • Row 7-11: Chain 2, Knit Crochet 25, Slip Stitch to join; tie off
  • Repeat for second cuff
  • Use a needle & thread to sew buttons on the ribbed portion of the cuffs on the outside

How to make boot cuffs - cozy!

I like the comfy look of these for chilly days. If you want extra warmth for longer boots, add additional rows during the double-crochet stage of the pattern.

Now I'm just waiting for the leaves to change colors! Autumn is really the best, isn't it?



  1. I'm having a hard time with the knit stitch while doing a double crochet. Anyone know of videos that can explain it? I've found videos on the Tunisian knit stitch, but not this one. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out. This stitch is very similar to the Tunisian stitch (which alternatively you could use), but rather than using just one loop it uses the entire vertical portion of the stitch as a loop. Here is some further clarification:

      Rather than inserting the hook through the top loop as you would normally do, use the vertical knot as your loop (i.e. the portion of the stitch that runs vertically, not horizontally where the loop lies). Insert the hook behind the vertical knot, then yarn over.

      For the first row stitch through the front of the vertical knot (inserting the hook from the front). For the second row, stitch through the back (a little trickier - inserting the hook from the back). You always want to be using the same side of the vertical knot.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Is that stitch the same as a front double post

    1. YES! Oh my goodness, I looked everywhere for the name of this stitch. Yes, that is it. Thank you for educating me! It's my favorite crochet stitch & I'm glad I can finally put a name to it.


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