October 12, 2015

easy-peasy knitted cap

The easiest knit hat you'll ever make!
Super simple knitted hat DIY tutorial

Confession time! I am not a great knitter. My skills consist of being able to knit rectangles, squares, & more rectangles - which basically just means scarfs & pot holders. Learning how to knit in the round is something that just never happened for me. It's definitely on my to-do list, but so are a slew of other things (traveling the country, learning how to write with my left hand, nailing the nay-nay dance). Not having time (or motivation) to learn how to use my circular needles, I've settled on a compromise with this easy knit cap. Emphasis on easy.

An easy, quick knitted hat tutorial

While this cozy hat is made with a knit stitch, the pattern can easily be adapted to crocheting.

To make this easy-breezy-peasy cap, you'll need: 

What you'll need to make an easy, snuggly knit cap

  • Super chunky yarn 
  • A crochet hook
  • Long knitting needles (size 10-11)

All you need to knit is a large rectangle, & you're almost done with your hat!

To make the bulk of the hat, you'll be knitting a large rectangle. 
  • Cast on 50-60 stitches (this is dependent on the diameter of your head) on one of your knitting needles. 
  • Knit 30-32 rows of knit 1 purl 1 rib.
  • Cast off.
Fold the knitted rectangle in half & "stitch" along the side

Next, fold you rectangle in half widthwise. Using your crochet hook, weave a long piece of yarn down the side, joining the rectangle as a cylinder. Basically "stitch" along the side. Tie off.

Cinch & the top, & you've got your hat!

Using another piece of yarn & weave around the top of the hat. Cinch, & tie in place. 

Easy-Peasy Knitted Cap // Add a fuzzy pom-pom

Flip your hat inside out. To make a fuzzy pom-pom, follow our pom-pom making tutorial, making the larger of the two template sizes. Leave excess string when tying your pom-pom off, & feed through the top of your hat. Tie in place. 

Easy-peasy knit cap tutorial
Wooly, knitted cap DIY

I felt ridiculous while I was making this hat, because we were experiencing a seasonably warm 80ยบ day. That being said, yesterday's lows are today's highs, so I'm very grateful for the extra warmth.


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