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October 5, 2015

gifts to start making now (to be done by the holidays!)

Every year I have plans to give handmade gifts to everyone at Christmastime, & inevitably, every year I am rushing to finish everything in time. This year I'm being optimistic (despite my poor track record) because I'm planning ahead! Here are some gift ideas I came across that require some major prep time, but if started now will definitely be ready in time.

Gifts to start making now to be done by the holidays: Large knit & crochet projects, like this awesome sweater
Photo courtesy of Fringe Association
Knit & crochet projects | Nothing says "carpal tunnel" quite like speed-knitting to get a project done at the last minute. Do your hands a favor & start those big knit & crochet projects now. Crocheted baby blankets make thoughtful gifts for the expectant mothers in your life - or you could get started making the ultimate holiday present: a cozy sweater, like this awesome one.

Gifts to start making now to be done by the holidays: Like this no-piece geometric quilt
Photo courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous

Quilts | What better gift to give in the middle of the winter? They take a lot of work, but quilts make fantastically cuddly gifts. If you want to keep a loved-one warm, get patching now. Whip up a comfy t-shirt quilt, or make this awesome no-piece geometric quilt

Gifts to start making now to be done by the holidays: Make extracts now to have them ready for holiday gifts
Photo courtesy of Kirbie Cravings
Extracts | This gift doesn't take a lot of hands-on time to make, but it does require extra time to sit & steep. Extracts make lovely little gifts, plus they can be made in basically any flavor (I'm thinking peppermint for the holidays - festive!). You'll want to make your extracts a few week ahead of time - check out this simple recipe.

Happy crafting!


P.S. All this talk about the holidays has me wanting a cup of hot cocoa. Is it too early for that?

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  1. So smart to start now!! PS I'm terrified of quilting (because my mom is terrified of quilting and I think it's genetic) but rly rly want to try it.

    1. That should be a term: quiltaphobia or something, because I suffered from it too! It's not so scary, as long as you embrace the fact that your first quilt is going to suck. :)


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