October 9, 2015

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It's so fall! I'm so excited!
Lil baby pumpkins

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Ugh, it is so incredibly, beautifully autumn-y everywhere I look. I cannot even stand it. I'll quit my seasonal gushing, because I have a request! I need your input. At my new job I have the great pleasure & privilege of being able to listen to my iPod for large chunks of the day. However, I am quickly plowing through all of my usual podcasts, & there's only so much Pandora I can listen to before I get bored. So I'm looking for suggestions! What's your favorite podcast? Which audio book should I listen to? Let me know!

This week's links:

P.S. The temperatures are dropping so quickly that I've been wearing my giant snuggly cowl all the time. Every. Single. Morning. 


  1. I recently started a new job way closer to home, so I'm kind of behind on my podcasts, but my FAVORITES are: Serial; This American Life; Radiolab; and The Longest Shortest Time (<-- this last one is about babies and childbirth and parenting, but is super super interesting and engaging even if that's not on the horizon right now).

    1. Yeah I've never had a commute/job that allowed for podcast time, so I'm getting excited about the listening possibilities! I've definitely got Serial on my radar, T.A.L. is super good, & I've not heard of the other two. Thanks for the suggestions! You're awesome.