October 19, 2015

out & about | autumn leaves

Autumn on the St. Paul/Minneapolis border

I grew up in Pennsylvania, a state that enjoys all four seasons. As a kid I experienced wet spring rains, late summer nights, crunchy autumn leaves, & piles of winter snow. Having just moved back up north after spending the last decade in Florida, I have a heightened sense of appreciation for seasonal change. Since moving here, I've kept saying, "I can't wait for winter. I can't wait for the snow," totally forgetting about fall! I know, more gushing. But I've missed it. Since Heather (a native Floridian) has never experienced a real fall, & since I can't stop freaking out, we went out & played in the leaves. Like total tourists. But I don't care.

Red Wing boots in red-tipped leaves
Minneapolis skyline in fall
Flannel = fall
Crunchy leaves, crisp air
Sitting by the Mississippi river

Go outside & enjoy it before it's gone!


P.S. Halloween is so soon, check out these glitter skull votives to spook up your space!

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