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November 11, 2015

"life is sweet" thanksgiving printable

Free downloadable printable for Thanksgiving

Every year at Thanksgiving, about half way through the big feast, my mom will ask rather matter-of-factly, "Okay, what are you guys thankful for this year?" Even though I know the question is coming, I'm always caught off guard, scrambling for more than a one word answer. I'll inevitably go with the standard "family," or "friends," which may be cliche but is totally true. 

This will be Heather's & my first major holiday away from family. We're trying our best not to get too homesick. Even though it's just the two of us, we're proactively fighting those homesick feelings by doing all the things we'd normally do during the holiday season (on a much smaller scale, obviously).  Since listing gratitude is part of my family's tradition, I've starting mulling over what I'm thankful for. 

Life is the sweetest - a Thanksgiving printable
This list is currently hanging up in the kitchen, with me & Heather jotting down our thoughts as they come to us. If you're hosting a big family gathering this Thanksgiving, the printable can alternatively be handed out at the dinner table!

Life is the sweetest because... fill in the blank with this downloadable Thanksgiving printable

Side note about Thanksgiving: it is going to be an endeavor/adventure trying to cook a traditional holiday meal for only two! I'm looking forward to the culinary challenge. Any tips?



  1. As soon as Fall hits every year I start craving Thanksgiving foods and the two of us end up having Fakesgiving several times before the real thing.

    My advice is just make the stuff you really want and don't try to have it all. Turkey (just a breast or a loin), stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and a couple of veggies... Whatever you really want. You can always make the other stuff the next week. :)

    1. Oh my goodness, I love the idea of Fakesgiving! Why not celebrate the feast for more than a day? Thanks for the tip - I think that's going to be the plan. A few dishes that we really love, & if we have any regrets we can just make more Thanksgiving food later! :)


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