November 2, 2015

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Dog days in Loring Park

Doing | There's finally a couch in our home, plus a snazzy dresser (photos to follow!), which means this place is finally beginning to feel less like a box & more like a home. It couldn't be better timing, because the weather is getting chilly & all I want to do is cuddle up & hibernate. I've been working on making the apartment feel homey & cohesive, plus a little more organized. Also can I just say how weird it is living without a couch? I've since blocked that part of my life out as I curl up on our cuddly sofa.
Watching | True to the Russell family tradition (that Heather has now been drafted into), we watched The Adams Family on Halloween night. It's the best spooky flick for sure.
Listening | Thanks to those who sent me podcast suggestions! Ira Glass on This American Life has been keeping me company on my walks to & from work. Next on the list - Serial!
Feeling | It definitely feels like it's time to plan for Christmas. I've been lightly Christmas shopping, picking up little things that remind me of different people, but I'm so ready to bunker down & start prepping. Even though we won't be able to go home for the holidays, it's actually going to be a white Christmas! Heather's first one - it's going to be freaking magical. I have no apologies for my love of the holidays.
Loving | Daylight Savings & getting a bonus hour of sleep!


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