November 18, 2015

what to do when you're sick

Things You Can Do When You're Sick

Why am I writing about being sick? Because I am sick, ugh. I put up a good fight & spent a lot of time in denial about the whole thing, but today I seceded & stayed home from work. To top off the overall "bleh" I'm experiencing, it's been raining for three days. The world outside looks as dreary as I feel.

Rather than be down in the dumps about my aching head & runny nose, I'm choosing to be positive. Here are some of the ways I'm passing the time as I reach for the tissues:
  • Drinking tea | Specifically, peppermint. Fluids are important in the recovery process, & the menthol-aspect of the mint make sinuses feel more open & breathing gets easier (I'm not ashamed to admit that sometimes I just make a cup of peppermint tea so I can sit over it & inhale). If you don't like tea, make sure you're still pounding back the liquids!
  • Eating EVERYTHING | Maybe I'm alone in this, but there's always a period when I'm sick that I get the urge to pig out. I figure it's not worth it to fight this feeling. Your body is working really hard to fight off infection, you should power up on vitamin-rich, high protein foods.
  • Watching familiar TV | Try not to strain your brain too much when you're sick. While lying on the couch feeling awful, I either watch shows/movies that I've seen before, or ones that don't have a very complicated plot. Think reality TV, cooking shows, comedies, etc. Oh, & I definitely stay away from sad movies that make me cry. I'm already sniffling enough as it is, no need to bring on more waterworks (i.e. absolutely no Extreme Makeover: Home Edition whatsoever). 
  • Letting go | When you get sick, your body forces you to take a break, & you might as well enjoy it. Curl up with a book, cuddle with the furry roommates, sleep in - don't fight it. Give your body time to rest so you can get back to being a badass. 

P.S. All this sneezing has me reaching for a very old-school DIY tissue box.


  1. I'm so sorry you're sick!! I typically struggle with the whole doing-nothing part of being sick, but I recently read another blogger's take on it, which really resonated with me. She pointed out that rest IS productive when you're sick! It (obviously) helps you feel and get better faster. I think framing it that way is really going to help next time I'm knocked out with a cold. Feel better soon! :)

    1. It is so difficult to think of it that way! Whenever I'm sick is when I most want to be productive. Thanks for the well-wishes! You're too sweet!

  2. Thanks for this! I am sick too and i do all of these things! Makes me feel so much better knowing others pig out and let go.
    Get better!

    1. I really thought I was alone in wanting to stuff my face when sick! It's nice to hear from someone else that I'm not the only one! :)

  3. I find if your sick you become dehydrated. If you have been sick you can't really drink anything because you body will bring it all back up. When I'm sick I crave anything dairy. Many yogurt. Lol. I'm actually sick right now that's why I'm looking for things to do��