December 7, 2015

frosted pinecone ornaments

Frosted pinecone ornaments tutorial

Happy Monday! Hopefully it was a restful, happy weekend! Heather & I finally got our tree on Saturday, & we've since been scheming ways to decorate it as we're starting from scratch. We're not done quite yet, but we have come up with a theme: Currently I am smitten with the winter weather (check back with me in late February), & Heather's right there with me as it's her first snow. Because we're crushing on the cold so much right now, we're decorating our Christmas tree all snowy! Well, sort of - mostly we're just sticking to a white color theme. I got a couple different kind of ornaments made this weekend, & my absolute favorite are these frosty pine cone ones.

DIY snowy pinecone ornaments

These pinecones were a much needed addition to the tree. Turns out all-white can get tacky real fast, but throwing some natural looking ornaments in the mix seems to be balancing it out.

These are super simple to make. You'll need:
  • Pinecones 
  • Thin wire
  • White craft paint
  • Foam brush
How to make frosted pinecone ornaments: Step 1

Start by wrapping wire around the stems of the pinecones, then curling the end of the wire to form a hook. If your pinecones have lost their stems, you can alternatively use hot glue to adhere the wire to the pinecone. 

How to make frosted pinecone ornaments: Step 2

Next, dip your brush in white paint, but dab it a bit on another surface (like a piece of paper or cardboard) before you paint your pinecones (this keeps it looking more frosted & less like globbed-on wet paint). Dab the edges of each segment in the pinecone, & a little on top. 

Happy holidays! Frosted pinecone ornament tutorial


P.S. Decorate the hearth with a cozy snowflake fireplace screen.


  1. Love the natural look it gives. I need to do this to our tree.

    1. It totally tones down our dollar bin tinsel for sure! :)