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December 2, 2015

holiday gift tags (+ free printable!)

Printable Black & White Holiday Gift Tags

Confession time: I have been secretly listening to Christmas music at my desk for almost two weeks now! Sorry not sorry, but I'm so ready to get festive. It's been snowing for the past two days (internal squealing), which has upped my feelings of coziness & glad tidings. 

Fun black & white printable gift tags for Christmas

I am getting a jumpstart on wrapping gifts since I have to ship most of them out to loved ones far away. Here are some simple gift tags that I've made available to print here! Once you've printed them, cut them out & fold in half. I used a little piece of double-sided tape to keep both halves together, then punched a hole up top. Since they're double thickness, it's not necessary to print them on card stock - a nice printer paper will do.

Ho ho ho! Downloadable gift tags!
Holiday gift tags (free printable!)

Now that I've whipped up some wrapping supplies, it is high time to whip up a batch of hot cocoa, like seriously. Speaking of hot cocoa & all the warm & fuzzy activities surrounding it, Heather & I are going to try our hand (feet?) at ice skating! It's been a hot minute since either of us have had skates on, & I imagine I'll be on my butt the whole time. Still excited. I have really missed winter. 


P.S. Join me in making boat-loads of delicious hot cocoa! This recipe has a kick of mint.

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