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January 18, 2016

diy pot holders

DIY Pot Holders

I didn't know I was making pot holders when I bought this fabric. I had to reach into the far corners of my brain to come up with a sensible reason to purchase this fabric, & even then it was mostly just an excuse to get it. BUT I LOVE THIS FABRIC. GAH.

Handmade pot holders - makes a great gift!
Seriously though. I want yards & yards of it. I don't even know what for, I just know I want more of these super-fun prints in my life. Fortunately we needed pot holders anyway. Ours had holes (danger!) & stains in them, & were looking overall sad. So, excuses in place, I replicated our old ones & made some new ones!

Sew your own potholders - What you'll need

To make your own snazzy pot holders, you'll need:
How to sew pot holders

Step 1. | The pot holder is made up of 8" by 6" rectangles. Cut & layer rectangles as follows:
  • Cotton fabric (right side down)
  • Cotton batting
  • Insul-brite
  • Cotton batting 
  • Cotton fabric (right side up)
Pin everything together, & sew with a straight seam around all sides. Cut off any excess fabric around the edges (cut close to the seam but not close enough to cut any threads), & sew diagonally across all layers in both directions. 

DIY Pot Holder: How-to

Step 2. | Unfold the bias tape & sew one edge to one side of the pot holder. When you reach a corner, close the seam & fold the corner as seen above. Then start a new seam, doing the same at all corners. 

Sew your own pot holders: How-to
Step 3. | When you reach the end of the bias tape, fold the raw edge under & overlap the start of the tape slightly before completing the seam. Flip the pot holder over, & sew the other side of the bias tape down. 

Black & white homemade pot holders
Step 4. | Add a loop! You can either use bias tape or a scrap of the cotton fabric with the raw edges turned inward. Sew in place at the top corner of the pot holder. 

Handmade pot holder in black and white
Stylish & safe. I have leftovers of this fabric, what should I do with it?


P.S. If you want to make these but are rusty with your sewing skills, here's a brief look at your sewing machine


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