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January 11, 2016

reusable coffee cup sleeve (+ template!)

Reusable coffee cup sleeve (+ template!)
I love coffee. I always have, & I image I always will. I love coffee so much I use Pinterest to save pictures of coffee. I love coffee so much I go to sleep at night excited about the coffee I'll drink in the morning. I love coffee so much I will walk in -25ยบ weather just to go get some (#truths). It's a problem.
I've got the power (now that I have coffee): Eco-friendly cup sleeve tutorial
I try not to get crazy with it, but it's harder to curb the cravings now that I'm walking to work. You guys, there are like 10 coffee shops on my way to work alone. The temptation is real, & I usually give in. To cut down on creating too much garbage, I felt like it was high time for some reusable coffee sleeves.
Java on the brain - Make this felt reusable coffee cuff
To make this energized coffee sleeve, you'll need:
Eco-conscious cup sleeve tutorial: Coffee = Power!
Cut out the template pieces & place them right side down on the wrong side of the felt (the letters should read backwards, & the wrong-side of the felt is the scratchier side). Trace shapes with a marker, then cut the shapes out.
How to make a reusable hot beverage cup sleeve
With a needle & matching embroidery thread, stitch the letters/shape on the right side of the cuff. There will be about 1/4" of overlap where the two ends of the cuff meet to form a loop, so center your letters 1/4" off from the center (side note, if you've never sew before, felt is like the easiest thing to sew, so don't fret!).
Eco-friendly beverage sleeve tutorial
Overlap the ends of the cuff by about 1/4" & stitch the ends together. This step is easier if you have a cup on hand to wrap the sleeve around before you start stitching (plus it's also a great excuse to go get coffee).
Ka-Pow! How to make your own coffee cup sleeve!
Now go get your caffeine on!


P.S. I love coffee SO MUCH I'm still drinking cold brew after my morning cup o' joe. 


  1. This is amazing! I've never actually seen something like this before and it would definitely save the day when there aren't any cardboard sleeves left at the shop :)


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