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February 5, 2016

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Hey! What's new with you?

Not to break the fourth wall or anything, but I'm writing this post on a Thursday evening. I'm drinking the biggest cup of mocha which is inevitably going to keep me up all night, & I'm wishing it were the weekend already. Not that I have any weekend plans per se, just that the piles of snow on the ground are begging to be traipsed through & I haven't had any time to do that yet. Speaking of adventures, I took this picture of our snowy city from the skyway system. The skyways are one of my favorite parts about Minneapolis. They're these walkways that connect from building to building, making it easy to stay inside & travel on foot! Half of my walk to work is inside this system, & I believe it is one of the concrete reasons why I don't hate the cold (yet). Anyway, I've only been able to travel through a portion of the skyway system, & I'm itching to go explore all of it. It's like a whole other city, in the sky! Any adventure plans for your weekend?

This week's links:

P.S. This is the first week I remembered to bring my reusable coffee sleeve to work with me every day! Whoo!

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