March 2, 2016

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Instagram accounts to follow
Hello, Instagram lovers (& other readers who should get on Instagram because it's the best social media platform like ever)! Today I'm sharing a couple of accounts that I love. Pretty people, pretty photos, pretty funny. From left to right:

1. @thedaintysquid | precious photos, even more precious kitty
2. @officegoth | color, sass, style
3. @finelittleday | gorgeous patterns, lots of cats on tables
4. @kittenhoods | beautiful berlin life
5. @aclotheshorse | her hair, ohmigod
6. @mollyyeh | my favorite food blogger
7. @jengotch | founder of bando, funniest c.e.o. ever
8. @wecanmakeanything | (that's us, duh)


P.S. Are you guys surviving the winter okay?

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