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March 18, 2016

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Sweater on brick! Thumbs up!
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Hey y'all. This week has kicked my butt. Daylight Savings can suck it. This backwards weather can go back where it came from. Frankly the only thing I'm a fan of right now is my bed, my girlfriend, & coffee. Lots of coffee. Do you ever have a week like that? A week that's just "ew?" Yeah. It's been real, but I'm totally "bye Felicia-ing" this one.

I don't want to be totally negative about this week, because something really great did happen. This past Monday was our five year anniversary (!!). I'm still freaking out a little bit. Not that it's scary - if anything, it's the opposite of scary. More so that it's just unbelievable & I feel so lucky that Heather has stuck around. I'm so lucky. Seriously you guys. I'm still giddy about it.

This week's links:



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