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March 14, 2016

simple clutch

How to make a simple & practical clutch
Oh simple clutch, I love you. Mainly because you were, as the name implies, simple to make. You are also simple in style, which is a plus because I'm really bad a fashion. But more so I love you because I didn't have to go buy any materials to make you (cha-ching). I'm trying to be mindful of my ever-growing stash of fabric, but it's difficult to find projects that use up extra scraps & don't require a bunch of yardage. This clutch, however, totally fits that bill (& I got to use more of this fabric that I'm still totally smitten with). Wham bam done - I may need to make a few of these.
Easy-breezy clutch tutorial
What you'll need to make a clutch:
  • A rectangular piece of vinyl, pleather, etc. for outer fabric
  • A matching rectangle of lining fabric, like cotton
  • Sewing machine & notions
  • A zipper as long as the shortest side of the fabric
  • Ribbon, cording, or extra fabric for strap
DIY it! How to make a convenient clutch
[Before you start sewing with vinyl, read this tip! It will make your life 10x less stressful.]
  1. Start by sewing your liner & outer fabrics together, wrong side out. Sew on three sides, leaving one of the shorter sides open. Turn fabrics right-side out. Then pin one side of your zipper to the narrowest side of the fabric, & sew in place.
  2. Fold the other narrow end up, then pin & sew the other half of the zipper in place (it helps to unzip the zipper at this point).
  3. Stitch up both sides of the bag, making sure both ends of the zipper end up inside the bag.
  4. Tie a strap through your zipper! I used a small piece of leftover vinyl that I simply folded in thirds & stitched up the middle of. 

DIY clutch tutorial

P.S. I'm just now realizing this clutch is a giant version of this coin purse! Basically.

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