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March 7, 2016

vegan chicken salad

Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich
Lunch is the most forgettable meal for me. I don't really shop for it, other than grabbing a handful of frozen burritos once a week. Because I don't plan for it, I don't look forward to it (lets be honest, it's hard to look forward to frozen burritos). In trying to switch things up, I recreated an old favorite of mine & Heather's. We used to buy vegan "chicken" salad all the time at the co-op where we worked together. It's a treat that I've been missing, & turns out it's pretty simple to make. It's not necessarily healthy, but it's pretty dang delicious.
Quick & easy "chicken" salad recipe

  • Combine shredded carrot, chopped scallions, & cut seitan in a bowl (even better, a bowl with a lid for storing the salad later!). Add veganaise, relish, mustard, salt, & pepper. Mix until all ingredients are thoroughly combined. Store in refrigerator. 
Vegan "Chicken" Salad recipe
I like to eat my vegan chicken salad (or VCS, as the cool kids say) on bread like a sandwich, but its also good on its own! Even though I'm not a vegan, this is one of those recipes that everyone loves, regardless of whether they eat meat or not.


P.S. Try this gingerbread apple pie - with a vegan-friendly alternative!

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