April 13, 2016

black & white painted vases

Simple flower vase makeover
Even though all I want to blog about is wedding planning (don't judge my premature preparation craziness), there's still tons of time until the big day. In the meantime, it's spring! For the first time in a long time I'm excited! The reason being is that I can't say I really cared for spring in the past. In Florida, spring means the mosquitos are back, the pollen is thick in the air, & the rain never quits. So in my mind, spring = gross / no thank you. But flowers happen! & bees, fresh breeze, & greens popping up everywhere. So there's lot to be excited about.
Painted ceramic vase DIY
Spring keeps making its way indoors because I have no self-control & keep buying flowers at the grocery store. We got rid of all our vases when we moved, so I decorated these to match our new little home.

I got these milk jug vases from Target in the craft section for a few bucks, & first prepped them with white acrylic paint. Then I dipped a wide brush in black paint & dabbed the pattern on. Side note: I don't know if it's a phase, but I'm totally digging on monochrome color schemes with simple, no-fuss patterns. Phase or not, it's totally overtaking our living room. Okay, end side note. I didn't put a seal on these vases because they really don't need one. I've gotten them pretty wet filling the vases with water, & the paint looks the same as it did when I applied it.
Spring has sprung!
All I want to do is open all the windows & fill the apartment with armfuls of flowers.


P.S. Try stenciling a flower pot too!

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