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April 8, 2016

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Weekend view of Lake Superior
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I'm looking at this picture of the lake as I'm writing this out, wishing I was back there right now. Last weekend Heather & I took a mini-trip up to Lake Superior. It was exactly what we both needed. Just some time away, hiking around, & general taking it easy. Heather took a bunch of beautiful photos that I'll be posting soon. Ugh, it was so pretty. It was also encouraging to explore so close to our home & find such a difference in sceneries. We really haven't ventured outside of Minneapolis until now, & there is so much picturesque wilderness so close by! Mini vacations are the sweetest. I'm feeling recharged & so ready.

This week's links:

P.S. Update: Now that I've started, I can't stop making vegan "chicken" salad. It's a staple in the fridge now.


  1. Yayyy thanks for the link love!! :)

    1. No but seriously, I'm in love with that DIY.


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