April 6, 2016

mini mail organizer

Tiny, space-saving wall-mounted mail holder
Space is a major issue in our teeny apartment, & I'm always looking for different ways to organize things. Most things have a place, but the biggest offender of mess in the house is incoming mail. I'm pretty good about getting rid of junk mail immediately, but the more important stuff just kind of sits around in an unattractive pile until I feel like dealing with it. The mail needed a teeny home, on a teeny wall next to the countertop where it usually flops itself down. 
Before & After | From bottle opener to mail organizer
Not having power tools at my disposal, I'd been on the hunt for the perfectly-sized storage solution for weeks before I found this vintage bottle opener at Target. It was exactly the width of our little sliver of space, & the perfect vessel for paper bills.
You've got mail!
Here's how I transformed this once bottle popper into a mini mail organizer:
  • Removed the metal bottle opener & bottom hook with a screwdriver
  • Filled the hole left by the screw with wood filler
  • Once that dried, sanded it down flat
  • Painted the whole thing with white acrylic paint, & stenciled on the letters
  • Mounted to the wall with handy-dandy Command strips (#rentersrejoice)
Transform a Target bottle opener into an adorable little mail holder
Hooray for small space solutions! Hopefully this will inspire those of you who are on the hunt for the perfect organization solution. It's out there, just stay mindful (& never leave home without a tape measure!).


P.S. More storage solutions to be found in this DIY!

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