April 20, 2016

out & about | adventures in adulthood

Sittin' on the dock of the bay. #minnesota
Incoming tide at Lake Superior
Doing | Saying hello to you guys! How are all of you? I'm also knee-deep in wedding planning. We've finally figured out a season for the big day (winter), & we've got some general ideas for colors (small victories!). I've also been packing away all of my winter gear & trying to figure out where in the world I put all my shorts. Summer is fast approaching.
Watching | House Hunters in every flavor. Thanks, Netflix!
Listening | So my iPhone broke (RIP), which means I have to whip out the old iPod Nano from high school if I want to listen to music on my way to work. It's been a serious trip down memory lane jamming out to what's leftover on my old playlists. Some of my favorite rediscoveries: The Dresden Dolls, The Robot Ate Me, & old-school Sufjan Stevens.
Feeling | I'm feeling everything right now. A lot of adult-type things are stressing me out (our upstairs neighbors have a water leak that's happily introduced itself to our ceiling, trying to secure a new phone, planning a trip back home, etc. etc.). There are also a lot of good feelings happening, like those that come with warmer weather & new adventures. I'm feeling in the mood for a bike ride, too.
Loving | The dozens of daffodils lining the streets in my neighborhood.


P.S. More snapshots of our weekend at the lake.


  1. Winter Wedding!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    Okay, I promise to not leave a bajillion overly- excited comments, but yeah, cheering from Seattle always. xoxox you two.

    1. You crack me up, I love your comments! Love from the Twin Cities to you!!