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April 11, 2016

out & about | weekend in tofte

Lake Superior at Bluefin Bay
Two weekends ago, Heather & I (& our dog Doria!) treated ourselves to a weekend getaway trip. Minnesota has a lot to offer once you drive past the endlessly flat farmland & hit the northern hills. If we'd kept driving we would've arrived in Canada! Being so close to the border has me wanting to renew my passport, because why not? We didn't go that far north - instead we spent a self-prescribed long weekend on Lake Superior. I could've spent a month there. It was gorgeous, & we're already planning a trip back.
Golden moss
Strolling in the spring - Tofte, MN
Pupper cuddles
Over the weekend we mostly just relaxed & stayed warm indoors, because it was freezing. We did do some of the laziest hiking ever, i.e. we drove the car a few miles to a lot, then parked, then walked 1/8th of a mile to Temperance River. Side note: this is my favorite type of "hiking." We walked down to the beach too, & the driftwood mixed with snow was just perfection.
Temperance River, MN
Hiking on the north shore beach
Wintry beach - Lake Superior
A relaxing getaway was exactly what we needed. This perfect weekend also came with a little surprise that I've been dying to share with all of you. Drumroll please!
She said "yes!"


We got engaged!!! 

First off, I've been dying to ask Heather for a long, long, long time to be my wife, it's just been a matter of waiting for the perfect moment & figuring out what I wanted to say so I wouldn't stumble over my words (which ended up happening anyway because I was too freaking nervous). Second, I'm absolutely relieved that she said "yes." We've been discussing tying the knot for a while, & in my heart I knew she'd agree, but still. Nerve-wracking! Third, I'm so happy about what's to come. I cannot wait to see what our lives together have in store.


P.S. Heather & I just passed our five-year anniversary, here are my gushingly cheesy thoughts on that too!


  1. YAY ENGAGED!!!!!!! Congratulations to both of you, this is so exciting!!

    1. THANK YOU!!!! We're still swooning over here! =D


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