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May 16, 2016

five-minute headband

Quick 5-minute headband tutorial
How to make a headband out of non-stretchy material
I'm in this weird time in my life where I really, really want to cut my hair short, but I simultaneously want long hair for the wedding. Y'know, for fun up-dos & stuff. In the indecisive interim my hair is an awkward length. Too long to make any sense, too short to look good pulled back. Headbands are a necessity if I don't feel like fussing with actually doing my hair. Rather than go out & buy a bunch of them, here's a quick way I've been making them at home (& it's helping put a dent in my fabric hoard stash!).

Fabric & elastic: Headband tutorial
All you need to make a headband is a piece of fabric measuring 21 x 4 inches, a 2-inch piece of elastic, & sewing equipment (either sewn on a machine or by hand).
Headband tutorial: Step 1
Take your fabric & fold it right-side in lengthwise. Sew up the raw edges to make a giant tube. Turn the "tube" inside out.
Headband tutorial: Step 2
 Turn one edge of the "tube" inward so the raw edge is on the inside. Place one end of the elastic just inside the "tube," & sew in place. If your elastic isn't as wide as the opening of the fabric, fold the fabric around the elastic, kind of like a pleat.
Headband tutorial: Step 3
Do the same for the other side, joining the elastic. Done!
Style yourself pretty! Make your own headbands!
Do I want long hair for the wedding? Or do I want short, edgy hair in the meantime? Ugh. I can't decide. There are TOO MANY things to think about!


P.S. Want more fast fashion? Make this quick infinity scarf.


  1. Cute! Cute! (I am in the weird grow out stage too--chopping it all off is always so appealing!)


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