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May 11, 2016

laundry hamper liner diy

How to make a custom laundry hamper
Fields of dandelions going to seed & temps reaching the 90s has it feeling like summer here, but my sudden urge to clean absolutely everything in the apartment tells me its still spring. All I want to do is organize. Spring-cleaning is in full swing. Last weekend we packed away winter clothes (see you next year, comfy over-sized sweaters), installed an air-conditioner in the window, & worked on making sense of our second bedroom. This room doesn't really have a central theme (unless random junk is a theme, in which case it's spot on), but it does house our laundry items.
Donut the kitty loves DIYs, like this hamper liner
It's also one of Donut's favorite rooms.

Heather likes to hand-wash her more formal clothing, so she wanted a separate basket for them to prevent any mix-ups on laundry day. I wanted to make her a liner for her cute wire basket from Target so that she could easily carry her clothes from the spare room to the sink for cleaning. It's basically a giant reusable shopping bag, but instead of straps, the handles are the opening for the basket's handles (if that makes any sense).
Laundry Hamper Liner: What you'll need
 To make this liner, all I needed was a piece of fabric that was as wide as the diameter of the basket & as tall as the basket, plus half of the radius - extra on all sides for seams. Basically enough fabric to wrap around the basket & cover the bottom & sides. In addition to the fabric I also used bias tape, notions, & my sewing machine.
Laundry Hamper Liner: Step 1
First I folded my fabric in half to form a tube, & stitched in place. Next I sewed across the bottom, making what was essentially a giant pillowcase. 
Laundry Hamper Liner: Step 2
Here's where the part about it being a shopping bag comes in. I took both corners of the bottom of the bag & folded them down, like when you wrap a present. Then I stitched across the points. This gives the bag more dimension & creates a flat bottom.
Laundry Hamper Liner: Step 3
Next I folded the top of the liner down a few inches - enough to comfortably wrap around the edges of the basket & stay in place. After sewing it in place, I cut openings for the handles of the basket.
Holes for the basket's handles double as handles for the bag!
I pinned & sewed 1/2" bias tape around the cut openings. Built-in handles!
Bright & sunny laundry space

P.S. Recognize this fabric I used from a past tutorial?

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