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May 23, 2016

out & about | a year in minneapolis

Our Minneapolis Apartment: the record player
Our Minneapolis Apartment: A year in the city 
A year ago today I was sitting in our new apartment in a totally foreign city surrounded by piles of unpacked boxes, wondering if we had made a good decision or if we were just plain delusional. A few days prior, Heather & I had packed everything we owned into a moving truck, hitched Heather’s car to the back of it, said our tearful goodbyes, & headed far & away from Florida. Moving the way we did was one of the craziest journeys I’ve ever embarked on. While we did have emergency funds saved, neither of us had a job waiting for us here in Minneapolis. Neither of us had set foot inside the apartment we'd signed a year’s lease on. Neither of us had ever seen or traveled through the Midwest before, much less Minnesota. We didn’t know a single soul here, but we picked this place to call our new home. It was a bit rocky at first, but looking back at the situation a year later, I'm extremely thankful we made the decision we did. Minneapolis has not failed to disappoint.
Our Minneapolis Apartment: Doria the pupper
Our Minneapolis Apartment: Ceramic pig
These are a couple of snapshots from around our home. There's still a lot of work to do around here as far as decorating, but it feels more like home each day. Even though it’s only been a year, I’m pretty sure I'm in love with this city. I love the seasons (a luxury I had forgotten about after living in Florida for over a decade!). I love all the little shops & restaurants. I love how the people are friendly enough but simultaneously don’t invade your personal space bubble (introvert blessings). I love how everyone here seizes the opportunity to be outside when it's sunny. I love how close I am to everything I need, i.e. shopping, food, etc. I love how bike-friendly it is. I love how accepting people are of me & my partner. I just love it. 
Our Minneapolis Apartment: Thrifted dresser
Our Minneapolis Apartment: Wax Cyanotype prints
Our Minneapolis Apartment: Donut & Heather
Conclusion: Go with your gut. Even if your gut is telling you to pack up your life & get out of Dodge, do that. It won't be easy, but it will pay off in the end. 



  1. this makes me so happy--what a lovely post. It has been fun to cheer you both on from afar--and I am so glad that you both weathered the inevitable ups/downs of being somewhere new. So happy your new city is such a great place for you both! xo

    1. Thank you Karen! It is certainly easier to brave the storms of change when there are people cheering for you. Lots of love being sent your way!


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