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June 6, 2016

envelope pillow cover

Envelope Pillow Cover tutorial: Add a pop of fun to any room on the cheap!
This project has been a long time coming. The couch in our living room has been itching for a pop of pattern, color - something. The couch came with matching pillows, which was just all together too much gray. The cheap & easy solution to drowning in a wash of neutral was envelope pillow cases. Emphasis on easy.
Envelope pillow case DIY: Perfect beginner's sewing project
Side note: Do you remember me telling you guys about our epic couch hunt? This baby totally checked all boxes. It's the miracle couch.
This is totally a beginner-friendly project! You only need a couple of things to make this pillow case:
  • One pillow form
  • One square of fabric (measuring the length & width of your pillow form)
  • Two rectangles of fabric (measuring the length of your pillow form, & half the width plus 3 inches. For example, my pillow form was 22" x 22", so my rectangles measured 22" x 14")
  • Sewing machine, notions, & matching thread
Hem each of the long sides of the rectangular pieces of fabric.  
Pin the pieces of fabric together as follows:
  1. Square, right-side up
  2. Rectangle, right-side down, raw edge on bottom
  3. Rectangle, right-side down, raw edge on top
Pin the pieces in place, & sew a seam along all four sides. Turn right-side out, & insert pillow form. Done!
Envelope Pillows = Amazing
I love the ease of being able to take these pillowcases off & wash them. The furry roommates don't exactly clean up after themselves.


P.S. Past projects seen peeking in this post: engineering prints (still in love with these), painted milk bottle vases, & pom-pom flowers.


  1. WOW! first, love the sofa--beautiful!!
    also love the pillows, am encouraged to try them/stop being so scared of my sewing machine--i will let you know how it goes!! xo

    1. You can do it! These pillows really are easy to make - if you need any help you know who to call! 💕💕


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