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June 27, 2016

how to have an awesome time at twin cities pride

How to Have an Awesome Time at Twin Cities Pride
Step 1 | Get excited! Pride is finally here!
Step 2 | Celebrate early. Why not get a head start & hit the scene on Friday night? Heck, why wait at all? Thursdays are the new Fridays after all. Make an utter fool of yourself.
"Time Travel" by artist Hot Tea | Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN 2016
Step 3 | Wake up Saturday morning & realize you're not 21 anymore. Drink lots of water.
Step 4 | Go to the festival & see all there is to see. Like this amazing work of art by artist Hot Tea, made up of a million pieces of string. 
Step 5 | Go to every animal rescue booth at the festival & pet as many puppies as possible (not pictured as was too busy petting said puppies).
Enamel Pride pins, courtesy of Target #takepride
Step 6 | Take lots of selfies on a colorful blanket. Collect free pins (collect free everything - the festival is like swag-city).
Step 7 | Realize you're sweating in places you never thought possible because the park is packed & it's a million degrees outside. Play it cool.
Twin Cities Pride 2016 | Crushed ice = exactly what I needed.
Step 8 | Have a cold treat!
Step 9 | Pray you don't run into anyone you know from work because you look a hot mess.
Step 10 | Have a brief nap. Find your zen place.
Step 11 | Try & find more dogs to pet. 
Step 12 | Eat free ice cream & call it a day. Immediately take a shower because you nasty.
Step 13 | Wake up on Sunday & debate whether or not you want to go to the parade. Make the right choice.
Step 14 | Get decorated for the parade (crucial). Also, apply sunscreen to your pasty white skin.
Step 15 | Show up to the parade at a time that you think is early, but upon arrival you realize you're totally not early because all of the well-prepared lesbians look like they've basically camped there overnight.
Step 16 | Find a spot to sit. Make mental notes for next year about waking up earlier.
Step 17 | Realize it's WAY too hot outside. Curse your unpreparedness.  
Step 18 | Purchase a cheap umbrella to provide yourself with shade. Revel in your ingenuity. 
Step 19 | Start to get excited for the parade!
Step 20 | Come to the conclusion that the best part of the parade is Dykes on Bikes. 
Step 21 | Contemplate buying a motorcycle.
Step 22 | Realize how lucky you are to be alive in a time & live in a place with so much support, love, & community.
Step 23 | Go home & take a nap. Start getting excited for next year.

- m.e.

P.S. If you're queer or just like puns, you'll probably like this cross-stitch pattern.


  1. LOVE.
    also: smart thinking re: cheap umbrella. hope you had some aloe in the fridge to come home to!
    xo to you both always.

    1. Genius, right? Except that when the wind blew we ended up hitting the person behind us - yikes. Lots of love, sweet friend!


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