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June 10, 2016

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So I mentioned that we moved offices at work. I work for a pretty small company, so all the work has been done in-house (minus the actual moving of boxes, thank goodness). We moved from the 6th floor of what used to be a parking garage to what is basically a skyscraper. You guys, I'm not a huge fan of heights, & watching helicopters fly past AT EYE LEVEL FROM MY DESK has me flipping out a bit. Seriously, when planes go by it's like I can wave at the passengers & they wave back, we're up so high. It's definitely going to be an adjustment. That view though. It's almost worth my ears popping when I ride the elevator. I am, however, glad to get grounded again at the end of the day - & stay grounded for the weekend.


Heather & I are going on a biking adventure, I'm going to make hummus, & it's not supposed to rain. Oh, & this is the 300th post on We Can Make Anything! Yayayay!



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