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June 13, 2016

prayers for orlando

Instead of a tutorial today, I'm going to save my little corner of the internet for a moment of remembrance for those we lost in Orlando this weekend. My heart is heavy. When I heard about the shooting & the attempted attack at Los Angeles Pride, I was immediately overcome with a familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was a feeling that I haven't had to deal with in a really long time (thank god), but I recognized it immediately. It was fear - a specific kind of fear. I've felt that fear walking down the sidewalk next to my partner. I've felt that fear having to use a public restroom. I felt that fear when I was outed in high school.  It's the fear that someone is going to hurt you because of who you are. Because of something you can't change. Because of who you love. I'm so grateful to live in the city I do now, because those feelings have pretty much disappeared. Today I felt it though. Along with a slew of other feelings. Sadness. Anger. Frustration.

We need to do better. This kind of fear has no place in this world. We need to make a better world. This needs to stop.

Love, support, & vibes of kindness go out to Orlando. If you live in the area, please donate blood. If you don't, you can donate at To those in the LGBTQ community, stay strong. To humans everywhere, let's love more, love harder, do better.



  1. Not to be completely redunant, but Love love love love love you both. xoxox

    1. I don't think there can be redundancy in love. :) Same to you, dear friend. 💕💕

  2. I am so sorry you have lived with that fear, and that it is still a reality for so many. Know that your allies support you, stand with you, fight with you, grieve with you, and send you love. From Terrell in Seattle.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. The LGBTQ community would not be where it is now if it weren't for the love & support from our allies! 💕


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