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June 20, 2016

pride iphone wallpapers

June is LGBTQ Pride month. Last year, this nation celebrated like never before in the history of the United States. On June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court passed a bill to allow same-sex marriage across the board - all 50 states. No take-backs, at least not without a major fight. The date was marked with joyous (& long overdue) unions across the country. People who had been fighting their whole lives to have their relationships - their very existences - recognized, were now granted that right. By proxy, same-sex marriage validated same-sex relationships. We were validated. We as a community & those who are our allies have been riding on the coattails of that victory for the past year.

The attack in Orlando was a stark, jarring wakeup call - at least for me. In the midst of mourning, pain, grief, I'm looking for the small sliver of light. The whole nation has been grieving the lives of those we lost last weekend. The support from allies, friends, & leaders has been overwhelming in a way that I don't think would have been possible prior to June of 2015. The country as a whole recognizes the tragedy that has befallen our community & mourns along side us. Yes, there are still those who oppose (exhibit A being the crazed individual behind the Orlando shooting), but the voices of hatred & bigotry are growing quieter. That's my light in the darkness. The support that outweighs the negativity. The encouragement that cancels out the malice. The love that offsets the hate. 
This month I'm not only proud of my community, but I'm proud of my country. I'm proud of those who support, I'm proud of those who continue to fight for what is good & decent. To celebrate Pride, feel free to download one of these wallpapers (I'm on a black & white kick right now but don't worry, there's a rainbow one in there too).

black on white | white on black | teal on white | rainbow


P.S. Check out last's years Pride project: this smartly-stenciled DIY tank.

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