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June 29, 2016

projects for the home

Our apartment's #currentdesignsituation is in limbo. On hold. Logging hours in the waiting room. Stuck. It's driving me nuts.
I have a visions for how the tiny space should look, specifically the living room / dining room / hangout space (we live in less than 700 sq. feet). Now I'm just waiting for the gods of affordably-priced furniture to shine down on me & bestow us with a credenza. A lovely, mid-century modern credenza. Prayers said, fingers crossed.
I miss having space to refinish furniture - if I had space I'd love to try & build it myself. However, no yard = no go. On the other hand, I do not miss mowing that yard.
Since I'm about spent on DIYs for our home while I wait for some furniture miracle, here are some of the projects we've done around here to spruce things up. From right to left:

1. bedroom wall art | 2. diy blackout curtains | 3. fridge makeover | 4. envelope pillow cases | 5. cats, coffee, & cardigans cross-stitch | 6. mini mail organizer | 7. painted vinyl chair (this one lives at my mom's place!) | 8. hanging engineering prints


P.S. See the "Home" page for all of our home decor tutorials & tips.

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