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June 8, 2016

summer bucket list

What's on your Summer Bucket List? - Ideas to get your fun-in-the-sun on!
Summer is almost here again! Even if you don't have a summer break, that's no excuse to not have some fun-in-the-sun. One of Heather's friends asked her the other day what was on her "Summer Bucket List." I just love this idea - especially as someone who forgets all the activities I want to do unless I write them down. Heather made our Bucket List & put it up on the fridge. Most of what's written down is locally-specific, like visiting this adorable craft store (which I can't believe I haven't been to yet - it's been like a year). Here are some ideas to spark your imagination as you make your own Bucket List:

Go camping
Have a picnic

Make your own lemonade
Throw a BBQ & invite your neighbors
Grow a tomato plant
Visit a National Forest

Tie dye!
Have an epic water balloon fight
Grab a sno-cone
Bike a greenway or a rail-trail

Beach trip!
Or road trip, if you've got the time
Make your own popsicles 
Try pedal boating (or paddle boarding!)
Make a t-shirt to sport in the sun
Learn how to plug a watermelon

Go on a movie date
Spruce up your sunglasses
Visit your local farmer's market
Make ice cream

Take some swimming lessons
Paint your bike
Press some flowers
Walk or bike to work
Sun-bleach your hair
Try rollerblading again
Kayak down a river
Visit your local museum

Read a book in the park

Happy summering! If you're a pasty white girl like me, don't forget to slap on the sunscreen. It's only June & I've already gotten a sunburn. Yikes!



  1. So good! Love these ideas. Especially sun bleaching hair :) That's a throwback for me for sure!

    1. A lot of these ideas reminded me of being younger - specifically rollerblading! 😄


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