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June 1, 2016

the dress | chapter one

Ever since my loving partner agreed to marry me (!!!), wedding planning has sprinkled our afternoons & weekends. I say "sprinkled" because we're taking our time. The last thing either of us want is for stress to cast a pall on what should be one of the happiest days of our lives. We've got a time frame in mind, Heather bought an organizer, & this is what we have decided thus far is this: 
  • The wedding's going to happen during the winter
  • We're eloping (sort of*)
  • I'm making my own dress
*Before launching into the whole not-probably-but-definitely insane idea of me making a wedding dress, I'll address the "elopement." All of our friends & family live back down south & we want to get married in snowy Minnesota - so we're aiming for the best of both worlds. We're having a mini ceremony here, then a reception party down south later.
Even though our ceremony will be elopement style, we're still having pictures done. Hence the need for a dress. A DIY dress. Does that make me crazy? Probably. Cue the Gnarls Barkley, because it's happening. I want to keep you all abreast on the progress - all my failures & hopeful successes - so I'm starting a new segment here on the blog. So far I've got a basic idea of how I want The Dress to look & feel. It's going to have a drop skirt, traditional waistline, & sleeveless top with a sheer overlay. I've made a dress before so I'm aware of my limitations & I know I'll be using at least one pattern - that being said that dress was for my prom almost a decade ago (dating myself here), so I'm hopeful that my sewing skills have increased since then.

The big decision on my plate right now is the choice of fabric. Yikes. I picked up swatches to choose from this past weekend. While we were browsing the dauntingly high number of choices, I thought I'd found one I loved. Now that I've got all the swatches in front of me again, I'm struggling to make the big decision. Is taffeta too tacky? Do I really want to steam pleats in silk? Decisions, decisions.

More updates to come. Wish me luck!



  1. Several things:
    1. GOOD LUCK! Not that you need it, because you are a marvelous sewer of all the things--I cannot wait to see how it turns out (other than amazing, because that is a given.)
    2. I LOVE the elopement idea!! What a wonderful way to have a dreamy snowy wedding AND enjoy time with family afterwards (where it is warm :-) I am so pro-elopement, I think it is a sensible and lovely way to keep things simple/elegant and not so stressful.


    xoxoxox to you both.

    1. You're too sweet - I need all the luck I can get!
      I'm super glad Heather & I are on the same page with the whole elopement thing. It seems like the perfect plan for us. Yayayay!


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