July 27, 2016

diy hook rack

DIY Hook Rack - No holes in the walls!
DIY Hook Rack - No holes in the walls, no power tools needed
Over the weekend when I wasn't playing Pokemon Go (YOU GUYS IT'S SO FUN I can't stop), I was attempting to organize the kitchen. I'm super late on my spring cleaning - or super early? Either way, between the five cupboards and four drawers in our mini cook space, & it gets really hectic. Even though I did some major rearranging, I figured I needed to create more space to organize. There were a few elements at play here:
  1. Apartment life means putting as few holes in the wall as possible. Which means no hooks directly in the wall. Reasonable enough.
  2. I didn't feel like hunting for a perfectly sized shelf or rack, so I needed to get materials I could alter if needed.
  3. Speaking of altering, I do not have a table saw, so I needed wood that was easy to cut with a blade.
  4. Why not try to make it? We can make anything, right?

DIY Hook Rack - Perfect for organizing in an apartment or dorm
Here's what I used:
  • 2 pieces of 1/8 inch basswood
  • 1/4 inch wall hooks 
  • Acrylic paint
  • Wood glue
  • Command strips (my favorite are the velcro kind because you can readjust as you hang)
  • X-acto knife (not pictured)
Basswood FTW
First things first - if you basswood is too long, now is the time to cut. Basswood is nice as it's soft, and cutting two 1/8 inch pieces is much easier than cutting one 1/4 inch piece. Once you have trimmed your basswood with an x-acto blade, glue both pieces together with wood glue. Clamp tightly, and let dry.

Next, paint (or stain) the wood.
Wall hooks make kitchen organization a breeze
Once the paint as dried, mark every 2-3 inches along your wood, and screw in the wall hooks. Basswood is soft, so the hooks should screw in easily - however, it's easy to over-screw so watch out for that.

Command strips to the rescue!
Press Command strips to the back of your hook rack. The velcro strips are nice because if you hang the rack crooked (like I always seem to do), you can readjust.
DIY Hook Rack - Organized kitchen = Happy girl
Put your prettiest kitchenware on display!
There's definitely something invigorating about a project that gets imagined & completed in the same day. Plus I found a Pikachu on my walk to the hardware store to pick up supplies. Yikes, you guys. I have a serious problem, & it's eating all of my phone's battery life.


P.S. Recognize these pot holders?

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July 25, 2016

out & about | brunch

Brunch photoshoot in the northeast
No lie, I love brunch. I know it's utterly basic of me, but breakfast food surpasses all else & mimosas are too delicious. It also doesn't help my brunch-lust that we have so many tasty options in the city (Aster Cafe on the north side being our destination during this trip). Fortunately I'm not alone. Everyone here celebrates brunch time. It's a ghost-town around here on Sunday morning, but go to a place serving eggs & bacon & it's a madhouse. Before chowing down with the locals, Heather & I wandered around down by the river & took a few snapshots. 
Denim, black skinnies, & sunnies.
I love this girl.
One of my favorite parts of Minneapolis is the northeast. Yeah, I love my neighborhood, but if I had all the money in the world I'd totally move down by the Mississippi river. There are too many cute shops, coffee houses, & brunch options for days. 
Comfy denim, curly hair - brunch-ready.
Heather & m.e. of We Can Make Anything
Can I tell you how excited I am that denim in back in style? I will gladly revisit the fashion of the 90s in any decade. This shirt is so comfortable I wear it twice once a week. Sometimes even donning the oh-so-chic Canadian tuxedo (yikes).
Dapper details
Also, if I could boast about Heather's shoe-game for a minute. For a girl with teeny feet, she really does work some magic when it comes to finding dapper footwear. 
Cool as a cucumber
What we're wearing:
m.e. | denim top: h&m (no longer available, but it's close to this one) | skinny jeans: target | shoes: dsw | sunglasses: pride swag from last year
heather | polo: target | jeans: denizen | hat: new era | watch: kenneth cole | shoes: a+


P.S. Speaking of skinny jeans - check out this old-as-dirt tutorial on how to make your own.

July 22, 2016

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Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from Bread & Pickle - MPLS
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It's dis-gus-ting outside. Hot, hot, hot. You know you can get seasonal-depression in the winter because it's too cold to go outside? I've got a bad case of seasonal-frustration because I'm sick of all this gross sweating I'm doing when I leave my apartment. Ick. In happier news, fall is only 61 days away! Sweaters, I miss you so. 


Thanks to our frequent biking adventures, I'm able to cycle farther than I could a month ago, & I'm not as tired at the end of a ride! Little wins.



P.S. If this heat-wave keeps up I might be echoing these thoughts on my wall all weekend.

July 20, 2016

vietnamese-style cold-brew coffee

Vietnamese-Style Cold-Brew Coffee Recipe
It seems like everyone & their mother is trying vietnamese iced coffee, & with good reason. It's delicious. After seeing this recipe pop up every time I opened my Pinterest app, I wanted to see if it melded with my whole cold-brew routine. I posted this recipe for french-press cold brewed coffee (total mouthful) a whole year ago, & over that past year I've been drinking said cold brew each &  every day. That's a lot of coffee, guys. I'm not going to do the math on it, but I'm pretty sure that's enough coffee to, like, fill a small lake. Either way, I usually drink my cold caffeine with chocolate syrup & milk, sort of like a mocha. Inspired by this fun twist on coffee, I gave it a try. The outcome was delicious. Simply sweet, but not too sweet to drown out the rich coffee taste.
Vietnamese-Style Cold-Brew Coffee Recipe: You're two ingredients away from a delicious summer drink
To make this vietnamese-style cold-brew, all you need is:
Pour one tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk in the bottom of a glass. Fill the glass with iced coffee, & stir thoroughly (pro-tip!: I throw the whole concoction into my travel mug & shake thoroughly). Add ice. Yum & done!

Iced coffee + cold brew = yummy

P.S. If you're a mocha-person, try adding some homemade chocolate syrup to your cold brew.

July 13, 2016

bicycle love a.k.a. pimp my two-wheeled ride

My bicycle has seen more love in the past month than it has in the past year. This rekindled romance is part in due to the lovely summer weather, & equal part due to Heather forcing me to get off my lazy butt on the weekends. We're biking to pick up our groceries now, which has us in the market for more convenient methods of carrying foodstuffs. I'm thinking panniers (potential DIY question mark?). And a basket. Basically I found a bunch of pretty stuff that I now want. 

P.S. Cycling DIYS!: Bike pouch & how to give your old bike a new coat of paint

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July 8, 2016

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Did the week go by as quickly for you as it did for me? I feel like just yesterday I was getting my lazy-girl on & sipping mimosas in my sweatpants (not much was accomplished last weekend, truth be told). The temperatures are up, but this weekend my fiancé (that's so fun to say!) & I are planning on biking lots & taking the dog on long walks in the evenings. We're trying out this new thing where we bike to get groceries rather than drive. Sadly it takes the dreaded "shopping while you're hungry" thing to the next level. However, it feels really great to knock something off the to-do list while also getting a workout. 


No happy thoughts today, in light of recent events. My heart is heavy. I feel all of these words. I would like for things to change now, thank you very much.



P.S. If you're feeling the mid-summer slump, perk yourself up with one of these motivational phone wallpapers.

July 6, 2016

pot-painting with rubber bands

Terra-cotta plants get a new look thanks to rubber bands & paint
I'm obsessed with my windowsill plants. They're my babies. I think I'm so obsessed with them because they're the only plants I haven't straight-up tortured to death (a moment of silence for those lost thanks to my forgetting that plants actually need water). I've even has some success propagating my succulent plant (see Instagram for proof), which I'm giddy over. Hooray for small wins. 
Black, white, & green. Potted plants get love in monochrome.
Since these greens are essentially my children, I like playing dress-up with them. They were wearing fun lettering before, & now they're all stripes! I've been in a mad black & white mood lately. Rubber bands made the stripe-painting a breeze. I want to try this same technique with glass-etching soon!
What you'll need to paint pots with rubber bands
To start seeing stripes, you'll need:
  • Terra-cotta pot 
  • Flat-sidded rubber bands (like the ones pictured above)
  • Two colors of acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
Two layers of paint & rubber bands - quick way to decorate planters
Step 1 | Paint the entire terra-cotta pot with a base color, i.e. the color that will show up as the lines. Wait until dry.
Step 2 | Wrap rubber bands around the pot.
Easy stripes on a pot by using rubber bands
Step 3 | Paint over the terra-cotta pot with top color. If you are going from dark to light, you will need to use more than one coat of the light-colored paint. Wait until dry, & remove rubber bands.
Black on white

P.S. RIP to these little plant babies seen in a previous project. Yep, they're dead too. 

July 1, 2016

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Say it with donuts & I'm all ears - happy weekend!
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It's 4th of July weekend! Barbecues, beers, & booming noises throughout the night that will surely upset pets of all shapes & sizes. My family never went all out with actual fireworks on 4OJ. Instead, my dad would always buy us kids some black snakes & pop-its (at least I think I'm recalling the names properly). Black snakes are those weird pellets that you light & then wait forever for something to happen & then BOOM they start growing all weird. Sort of anti-climactic, but still fascinating as a kid. Pop-its are just plain devious - they're those teeny packets the size of your fingernail that make a "pop" sound when you throw them. Alternatively you can snap them in your fingers next to your SISTER'S EAR DAVE I'M LOOKING AT YOU. Either way those were my favorites. That & sparklers. I've got good memories of waiting until dark & lighting sparklers one by one as fireflies danced through the grass. Then after the sparklers burned out, we would dunk them in a cup of water & they would make that great sizzling sound. The smell that sparklers make always takes me right back to summers as a kid.


In current news, it's a three day weekend (yay!), pluots are in season (my favorite fruit), & coffee exists which is a blessing because I have been dragging this whole week. #blessup.



P.S. Don't forget to download an Independence Day iPhone wallpaper!