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July 1, 2016

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Say it with donuts & I'm all ears - happy weekend!
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It's 4th of July weekend! Barbecues, beers, & booming noises throughout the night that will surely upset pets of all shapes & sizes. My family never went all out with actual fireworks on 4OJ. Instead, my dad would always buy us kids some black snakes & pop-its (at least I think I'm recalling the names properly). Black snakes are those weird pellets that you light & then wait forever for something to happen & then BOOM they start growing all weird. Sort of anti-climactic, but still fascinating as a kid. Pop-its are just plain devious - they're those teeny packets the size of your fingernail that make a "pop" sound when you throw them. Alternatively you can snap them in your fingers next to your SISTER'S EAR DAVE I'M LOOKING AT YOU. Either way those were my favorites. That & sparklers. I've got good memories of waiting until dark & lighting sparklers one by one as fireflies danced through the grass. Then after the sparklers burned out, we would dunk them in a cup of water & they would make that great sizzling sound. The smell that sparklers make always takes me right back to summers as a kid.


In current news, it's a three day weekend (yay!), pluots are in season (my favorite fruit), & coffee exists which is a blessing because I have been dragging this whole week. #blessup.



P.S. Don't forget to download an Independence Day iPhone wallpaper!

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